What Our Clients Are Saying

Winston Express are an absolute pleasure to deal with. I used to spend a lot of money with other transport businesses, but after finding Winston Express Haulage, they have helped me save thousands of dollars and have saved our business. We still use other transport companies, but if Winston Express Haulage had more vehicles, they would definitely get 100% of our business as their work is fabulous.
The level of service Winston Express has maintained over the last nine years has been first-rate. They are very punctual and provide exactly what we need. They are located just around the corner from us which is very convenient, but that aside, their professionalism, consistency and care never waiver.
The staff at Winston Express are very flexible and they go the extra yard to accommodate your needs. They will follow up to see how jobs are progressing and they are professional and friendly. Their customer service is excellent and they are a pleasure to deal with.
This company is awesome! In the two years I have been dealing with Winston Express Haulage, I have found that they always do everything expected of them, and more. What more could you ask for?
This company cannot be faulted in any way, shape or form. They are so prompt and nothing is too much trouble for them. Their staff are friendly and honest and they do whatever they can to help.
Their patience and willing to pitch in has helped us out enormously and if you can make them aware that their contribution has not gone unnoticed it would be greatly appreciated. As for Keith and yourself you have made what could have been a difficult situation in tight deadlines an ease for us and for that we are grateful.
find them always reliable and prompt. They help us out and accommodate all our needs. The staff are friendly, efficient, professional and their customer service is very good. They look after our goods in a reasonable manner and I have recommended them to other people.
Winston Express are very professional. If they cannot answer a question they will find out and get back to me promptly. Their communication is very good and any issues they will call me about and we will work through it together. They are friendly, but also very business-like and they have a very high standard. Their customer service is top notch.
This company is fantastic. They are very reliable and never let you down. Their paperwork is always excellent and they all act in a very professional way. They take pride in their work and business and fully deserve an award for their customer service.
I find Winston Express exceptionally helpful and very obliging even when I am late faxing them information. They will bend over backwards and the staff, from the owners, to the girls on the phone, are extremely helpful. They are very professional in the way they deal with me and their drivers are well presented, very polite and efficient. They do their work for me very smoothly and are fully aware of my needs at all times. Their customer service is exceptional and they are a pleasure to deal with.
Winston Express are very easy to deal with and are very responsive to our company’s needs – all hours day and night. They are very accommodating, very professional and well presented and so are their vehicles. The staff are friendly and courteous and they take extreme care with our product. They keep us well informed and their customer service is great.
Winston Express are a fantastic company and always my first preference. Their service is outstanding and prices are very reasonable. In the past other companies I have dealt with have not always shown up for meetings, but in contrast Winston Express Haulage are always there and on time. I mainly liaise with Saheed who is always excellent to deal with, as well as Katrina who is outstanding in her accounts role.
Winston Express are very helpful, very efficient and they never say no. They are always willing to do a job and are highly competitive. They are a very pleasant, professional, company. They have very good truck tracking systems and their corporate systems are excellent. I only have contact with them via phone and email but their customer service is excellent. We have a very good working relationship with all the people there.
I find the people at Winston Express very easy to deal with. They are polite, friendly and very accommodating, especially in an emergency, as they will help out at short notice. They are very professional, their communication is excellent as is their customer service.
I have found they are prompt and friendly plus their service is outstanding. If I could give them more work, I would. I think really highly of this company.
Just thought I would write a quick email to give you some feedback on your driver’s performance for the past two jobs undertaken for ETS. I am unsure how it works in the transport industry however in the waste industry it is a rarity to find quality helpful drivers to undertake anything except to drive the vehicle. That being said I would like to compliment both your drivers’ efforts for the two jobs undertaken in the Newcastle region on the 28th August and the 4th September.
Bob, the driver from Winston Express, is invaluable to us. He is very professional, polite, friendly and very efficient. He looks after us and his customer service is excellent. We don’t know what we would do without him.
We were looking for a reliable supplier to run our priority freight and selected legs. We have a selection criteria designed to eliminate sub standard suppliers but Winston’s was one of four which survived that process. We started them on local work with no problems so we moved them on to short interstate work, again, no problems so we have expanded their routes again. For a small family business they are right up with the times. They know all the regulations; they have GPS and are very reliable, professional with excellent customer service. They are contactable 24/7 on an operational level, which is fantastic, and are a pleasure to deal with.
This company goes out of its way to accommodate me. They will work out of hours to pick up work for me. Because of the nature of our business if the deliveries aren’t made, we would have over 100 staff sitting idle. They communicate very well with us and follow up if they haven’t heard from me that day to make sure I haven’t forgotten to ring and order a delivery. I find them very professional, friendly and very obliging.
Winston Express are a growing business and they are extremely accommodating with early morning deliveries. They always come through and we have never had any problems with them. They are very professional and friendly, with exceptional customer service skills. They will take calls from me at weekends and I cannot see my ever going with anyone else because they satisfy our needs perfectly.
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